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California Law Revision Commission

-- Last revised 7/10/18 --

Mailing List Subscriptions

The Commission maintains a number of mailing lists for the distribution of notices.

Notice will be sent to a list whenever relevant material is uploaded to the website. The notice will include a link to download the new material.

This is the best way to follow a Commission study, as you will receive notice of the agenda whenever the study is scheduled for consideration at a meeting. You will also receive notice of all relevant staff memoranda that will be considered at the meeting.

Every notice will include a link that you can use to unsubscribe.

Submit your email address in the forms below to subscribe to one or more mailing lists.

The "All Material" list gives notice whenever any meeting agenda, staff memorandum, or Commission report is uploaded to the website.

The other lists are used to provide notice regarding a particular type of material (e.g., agendas) or material on a particular topic (e.g., estate planning).

All Material

Agendas Only

Press Releases

Estate Planning

FIsh and Game

Judiciary and Civil Procedure

Public Records

Real Property

Technical and Minor Substantive Revisions